How We Serve?

Resource Referral Connection

While there are tens of thousands of resources available to those who are in need, finding and accessing them can be a challenge for most.

Our Resource Referral connection provides that support to help those in need with getting access to resources that could prevent them being becoming homeless or assist with food insecurities. We connect those we serve with various community resources that will allow our neighbors the independence they need to continue to live full lives.

Mobile Delivery Support

Mobile Delivery Supports is about moving beyond the walls of our organization and engaging with our neighbors who are alienated from mainstream. We aim to support those in need wherever they’re currently living.

Providing essential needs to those challenged with disparities or a challenging season in their lives. We are in the community bringing resources such as slightly used donated clothing, shoes, coats, socks, underwear, backpacks for the children, school supplies, and personal hygiene. In addition, our Mobile Delivery Supports provide emergency food resources through contactless delivery to homes, prepared bag lunches for tent communities, emergency prepared food.

Volunteer Community Support

Preventing homelessness and ending hunger is a challenging goal to achieve, and we can only accomplish it with the help of people who are fortunate enough to live better lives. Not only that but people who have a heart of giving no matter your circumstances. We believe that we CANNOT have a positive impact in this world without the help of volunteers.

We understand that volunteers are as much valuable to us as they are to other organizations who are working for the same cause as our organization. What a blessing it would be to have you come and volunteer with us. We are small, but very personable. Together we can make a difference in our communities.

The Angels are involved in volunteering with our Community Partners to help support their missions while closing gaps. We have teamed with the local homeless shelter and others community partners to provide home-cooked meals, groceries, community clean up, laundry support, new and slightly used clothing.